ABE Diploma Level 6 in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management

ABE Accredited College

Hours: 15 Hours per week
Start date: May, September & February
Level 6 (NFQ Level 8)


EU student: €2,250 pa
Non-EU Ireland: €2,250 pa
Non-EU Abroad: €4,800 pa
* Above Fees excl. Awarding Body Fees

Length: 1 Year



The travel, tourism and hospitality industry is today the largest and most pervasive sector within the global economy. The need to provide quality services in a business-oriented manner requires management leadership in all the main functional business areas (finance, marketing, human resource management and operations) as well as strategic leadership. ABE’s TTH qualifications provide a pathway through which students can develop a combination of key business skills and industry knowledge in preparation for the varied and exciting careers which the industry offers. The Advanced Diploma qualification consists of five units. Learners must complete three mandatory units, plus two optional units. All units are mandatory to pass the Written Examination.


The Graduate Diploma consists of a total of 5 units. All 3 units in group A must be taken plus 2 of the 5 options in group B.

Group A – Compulsory (Three Units)

  • Strategic Hospitality Management
  • International Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
  • Sustainable Tourism, Planning and Development

Group B – Optional (Two Units)

  • Managing in Organisations
  • Strategic Human Resource Management for Business Organisations
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Managing the Information Resource
Entry Requirements for Advanced Diploma Courses

Applicants must have obtained one of the following: ABE Higher Diploma TTH

TTH, Applicants must have obtained one of the following:

  • ABE Higher Diploma TTH
  • Diploma
  • A UK Honours Degree or Overseas equivalent
  • Other recognised qualifications of approved Overseas Institutes of Higher Education.
Important ABE Dates

In order to take ABE examinations, students must be registered members of the Association. Registration and examination deadlines are strictly enforced. Entries received after the deadline will incur late entry fees.

Registration Exam Entry Exam Date:

15 September | 13 October | December | 16 February |13 April | June