Aviation English ICAO 4

Aviation English ICAO Level 4 (AE02)

ICAO Level 4- 

Description: The aim of the Aviation English for Pilots course is to maximise exposure to aviation English, reducing the need for downtime trying to attain ICAO level 4. Our experienced language teachers and aviation experts have developed an innovative approach which maximises exposure to aviation English by combining general and aviation-specific multimedia with the support of traditional classroom learning.
Course Objectives:
  • Pre-flight.
  • Departure.
  • Climb, Cruise and descent.
  • Approach and landing.
  • Taxi, shutdown and post-flight.
  • Case studies.
Price: 12 week programme/4 lessons per week

Fees available upon request

Season Description: All Year Round
Other: N/A
Add-on: – Examination Course Books €60

– 09.30 to 13.30 Tuesday to Friday
– Course Registration Fee €50

All English courses run subject to demand and the formation of a viable class cohort.

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