International Office

Registration as an English or Irish language student


To stay in Ireland to study the English or Irish language for longer than 90 days, you must apply in person at a registration office.

If successful, you’ll be given permission to stay (subject to conditions) and registered with immigration.

Your exact preparations depend on your personal circumstances. Some of the most important are described below. Read this information carefully to make sure you have everything you need.

When you arrive in Ireland

Check your registration date

If you are allowed into Ireland, an immigration officer at border control will stamp your passport and then add a date to the stamp.

You must visit a registration office in person before this date to:

  • Apply for permission to stay here, ie to study
  • Register your details with immigration


If you don’t get permission/register in time, you may have to leave the country.

Find a registration office

For offices outside Dublin City or county

You must go to the registration office nearest to where you live. Registration offices are located at Garda Síochána (police) stations around the country.

See a list of regional registration offices

You may need an appointment to visit a regional registration office. Contact your local office before you visit to check opening days & times.

When you register

Documents you will need

You must bring:

  • Your passport
  • An original Letter of Acceptance from a college/school confirming you have been accepted & enrolled (see note 1 below)
  • Proof that your college/school provides learner protection (see note 1 below)
  • Proof that you have paid college/school fees (see note 2 below)
  • Proof that you have private medical insurance (see note 3 below)

If you did not need a visa to come to Ireland, you must also prove that you can support yourself financially after you arrive here. You do this by showing you have direct access to:

  • €3,000, if you are staying for more than 6 months (see note 4 below)
  • €500 per month or €3,000 (in total) if you are staying 6 months or less


If any of these are missing, you cannot be given permission to stay and won’t be registered.

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