Absenteeism & Expulsion

College Policy on Absenteeism & Expulsion


Verbal Warning


  • When a student’s weekly or average attendance falls below the required 85%, the International Officer will send a notice to the student at the last known address requesting him / her to attend the College at a stated time and date to discuss his / her attendance.


  • At this meeting a verbal warning will be issued, outlining the corrective action needed to be taken by the student.  This will be recorded in the student file and a letter issued to the student outlining the corrective action required and demanding a substantial improvement in attendance within seven days.  The failure of a student to make himself / herself available for a meeting will constitute a breach of the regulations and constitute a warning in itself.


First Written Warning


  • If a student fails to show any improvement in attendance arising from his/her verbal warning, he / she will be issued with a formal written warning, which will be placed on his / her student file.


Final Written Warning


  • If poor levels of attendance continue, a second letter is sent to the student outlining his / her unsatisfactory attendance and his / her failure to make any improvement.  The letter invites the student to attend the college within forty-eight hours or the process of de-registration will begin.  If the student attends he / she will be issued with a written warning.  This will be attached to his / her file.  The student will have to strictly meet any requirements outlined for the remaining duration of the course to avoid de-registration.  If the student fails to attend the college within forty-eight hours of the second letter, the process of de-registration will begin.




  • If a student fails to abide by the agreed terms of the final warning or does not make himself / herself available for the requested meetings, the student will be sent a letter informing him / her that in seven days time he / she will be removed from the college register and expelled.  The student’s file is then sent to the Immigration Office with a letter informing them of the College’s decision.


  • Once this process is complete the college accepts no further responsibility for the student.  A letter explaining the circumstances is also sent to the student concerned. Under no circumstances are fees refundable.