Occupational English Test (OET) Nurses


Communicating accurately and effectively is critical to the safety, care and well-being of patients.

This course teaches the English that enables international nurses to deliver outstanding levels of practice and care, build strong relationships with patients and colleagues, and lead and participate in successful healthcare teams.

The course is designed for nurses with an upper-intermediate or advanced (B2 or C1) level of English who work, or are preparing to work, in an English-speaking environment.

The OET is the Occupational English Language Test is the English language test for healthcare professionals in the UK and Ireland.

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The OET is a clinical English test recognised by government healthcare bodies to assess the medical English skills of international professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists and allied health professionals.

Limerick City College provides a number of OET Preparation Courses such as:

English for Nurses – 100 hour course
English for Doctors – 100 hour course 
OET Preparation Materials – Reach OET B Medicine 50 hours course
OET Preparation Materials – Reach OET B Nursing 50 hours course 

Why take OET?

OET tests a wide range of healthcare English, including the ability to communicate effectively in medical scenarios, write a referral letter, understand a patient consultation, or follow a text taken from a medical journal.

The OET Speaking and Writing papers are profession-specific. A doctor or nurse therefore participates in role plays dealing with patients in different scenarios, or writes a referral letter in their professional capacity.

The language tested is targeted and relevant. Preparing for the test has a highly positive impact on medical professionals and their ability and confidence when working in English.

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