Attendance & Punctuality

  • The minimum attendance deemed to be satisfactory by the College is 85%. The nature of the subjects taken at Limerick City College is such that the student who forms a casual attitude to attendance will run into increasing difficulties as the year progresses. Limerick City College submit monthly attendance reports to the local GNIB Office, Henry Street, Garda Station.


  • The primary responsibility for attendance rests with the student. Students with levels below the minimum stated shall be referred to the Course Leader / Further Education Course Co-ordinator / College Administrator for consultation.  If there is no improvement, a meeting with the fee-paying agent will be arranged.  The right to continue a course of study will be revoked if a satisfactory level of attendance is not achieved.


The Irish Department of Justice, Equality & Law Reform requires that all Non-EU visa required students must maintain a minimum attendance rate of 85% in order to satisfy the conditions of their student visas. Students’ attendance is monitored throughout the year and it is your responsibility to ensure that your attendance is recorded accurately. TMS system operates throughout the campus and is available at all lecture venues.


If you have a valid reason for non-attendance, you are required to provide an explanation along with any relevant documentation to your course administrator and a copy to the International Office. If your non-attendance is due to medical reasons, you must submit a Medical Certificate from a doctor who is registered and approved by the Irish Medical Council. Certified or documented absences will not affect your attendance record.


Poor attendance will result in the College sending a formal written warning to your home address and persistent unsatisfactory attendance may lead to the termination of your place in Limerick City College. The College is also required to report poor attenders to the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service (INIS) and/or GNIB.


If you go to the INIS to extend your student visa and your attendance rate is below 85%, you may face one of the following consequences:


  • Your INIS Card/ ‘Green Card’ will be taken from you by the INIS and your visa will only be extended for as little as one month until your attendance rate improves.


  • Your passport will be held by the INIS and your visa will only be extended for as little as one month until your attendance rate improves.


  • Your passport will be withheld and procedures will be instigated by the INIS for your deportation.


If this occurs, you should obtain legal representation immediately to seek a court injunction to stop the progression of the Ministerial Order for deportation. Please note that the College will no longer be able to offer assistance at this stage.


If you are unable to attend a class for cultural/religious reasons, e.g. due to a religious holiday, please contact your course administrator for permission to be excused. The College is flexible with regard to time off for religious holidays etc. but you must get permission from your faculty before you miss classes, otherwise your overall attendance rate will be affected.


If students wish to travel home during term time, their overall attendance rate may be adversely affected. Therefore, Limerick City College reserves the right to withhold the necessary letters required by students to assist them with their travel arrangements should their period of travel overlap with their academic timetable.


Students are not only required to attend, but also to participate in all classes. To ensure appropriate participation, students are expected to equip themselves with any materials (such as text books, manuals, notebooks, pens, paper etc.) stipulated by the lecturers/faculty as essential to the programme of study. Persistent unsatisfactory participation may lead to the termination of your place in the College, as with persistent non-attendance.


Should a students attendance fall below the requirement laid down by the GNIB and LCC at any time, disciplinary action will be taken against them; which could result in them being moved to alternative classes and/or sessions or having their Enrolment with LCC Terminated.


If you require further information or advice about any of these issues, please contact the International Office or your faculty.



You are required to be present at the appointed start time for all of your classes. If you are late for a class and your attendance is not recorded, your overall attendance rate will be affected. Students that arrive in excess of 10 minutes after the scheduled commencement of class will not have their attendance recorded and will be marked absent.