Emergency Procedures

In the interests of safety, we would ask all students/staff to comply with the following procedures as detailed within our Health & Safety Statement.

College Contact details:

Office Hours: 061-592195

After Hours: 083-1080084

Emergency Contact Details:
LCC Emergency SignWhen the Fire Alarm sounds you must follow the instructions given by your tutor.
  1. Leave the classroom in a calm, orderly manner (walk, don’t run). Your tutor will indicate the nearest exit.
  2. Do not stop to collect personal belongings (bags, wallet, phone etc).
  3. Report to the assembly point where your tutor will conduct a roll call.
  4. Please remain at the assembly point until instructed do otherwise by staff.
  5. Do not return to the building until instructed.
  6. If you are not in class when the fire alarm sounds, leave the building immediately by the nearest exit and go directly to the assembly point.
  7. The assembly point is Car park Adjacent to Roselawn House and Roselawn Business Centre.

Limerick City College conduct fire drills periodically and you must follow the above procedure and/ or the instructions of the tutor/staff member. All fire detection and alarm systems are periodically maintained and tested accordingly.