Holidays & Breaks

No unscheduled breaks are permitted except in documented cases of illness or close family bereavement. In the event of a student requiring leave during the programme, the student must complete an Authorised Absence Form which can be found at Reception or on Moodle. This form must be approved and signed by their Course Leader before being submitted to the International Office.

Each application is given due consideration and is dealt with on a case by case basis. Limerick City College will always endeavour to accommodate the student’s requirements where possible. The criteria for accepting or refusing a request are as follows:

  1. Necessity of the requested leave
  2. Impact on completion of the programme
  3. Timing of the requested leave
  4. Length of the requested leave


If the Course Leader refuses to approve the leave, the student can then contact the College Director to appeal this decision. The College Director’s decision is final.